Just The Beginning

The world of deep inquiry is full of strange glamour.  As a seeker, the chains rattle and clank.  The promise of awakening is sweet.  When ‘self’ is seen for the sly trick it is, there is a significant shift of perception, and a rapid rationalising of the new set-up till before long, a new story is born.  The new story tells of a world where there is no control, no choice, and no intention.  All the old favourites are still around.  It tells of a seeker, once of flesh but mis-guided, now identified as awareness, detached, and confused in a peaceful irresponsible semi-haze.  The ‘self’ is only a small (albeit persistent) abstraction.  Seeing it as such, barely begins to dismantle the persona organising principle around which knowledge was configured.  This is why – after so-called ‘awakening’ – life feels the same, or distant.  You have figuratively jumped in the air, leaving one ‘ground’ and have yet to land on true ground.  It does feel better ‘in the air’ compared to where you were, and there are lots of others in mid-air to tell you its the new ‘ground’.  It isn’t.


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