The Sacred Ordinary

Image result for bowlLOOK AT YOUR experience of life.   Is it somewhat flat, or filled with the sacred?  Here’s a lovely activity to re-introduce the sacred.  When you’re doing some everyday task, say putting away kitchen bowls, pans, plates and cutlery, this has tended to be done quickly, with little attention paid to each item, but this time – say it is a bowl – pick the bowl up as if it were a sacred item.  Feel into the weight.  Imagine you have no concept of ‘weight’ and notice that, in holding the bowl, the skeleton, muscles, heart are all adjusting and responding to the presence and activity of holding and carrying the bowl.  Carry the bowl to its resting place, as if you were carrying it to an alter.  Place it gently, precisely where it goes.  Do the same with an individual knife or fork or spoon.  Feel into the object.  Not-know it.  Set aside all concepts, and feel into it.  Feel that weight, the texture, the reflection.


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