Who is in Control?

Who is in Control?

Self-inquiry at some point arrives at the question of control.  It’s a question which only a persona would be bothered about – the illusion of control being an aspect of the persona.  You might also ask, In control of what?  The wind?  Planetary movement?  Blood flow?  When you look at it, and assuming some form of agency, the scope of control is both narrow and powerful – thoughts, intent and thereby actions.  The question now loops back, but ‘Who is in control of a single thought?’ and ‘What does it mean to control a thought?’  Once a thought appears, say the heard phrase, ‘What shall we have for dinner?’ then clearly there was no specific initiating of that thought.  But having showed up, what do we do with it?  Do we act on it, ignore it, develop it?  Now, we are in a different kind of place, a place of choice.  Choice & Control are very much sisters.  Have a ponder on it.


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