The Faun’s Apprentice

The Faun’s Apprentice

I’VE ALWAYS ENJOYED spiritual apprenticeship fables such as Ursula Le Guin’s ‘Wizard of Earthsea’, Dan Millman’s ‘Way of the The Peaceful Warrior’ and Carlos Castaneda’s incredible series of books about time with Don Juan.  I’ve learned something deep from each of them.  The story allows an immersion into the character, in my case, always the apprentice seeking to know more.  In later years, I had the good fortune to be such an apprentice, albeit a very slow and stupid one, to my own ‘Don Juan’.  The journey was an emotional roller-coaster and I remain on that path of the heart.  Nesforz – whilst being his own faun – shares several traits with my erstwhile teacher – ruthless, awake, bamboozling, the sharpest and brightest mirror to yourself.

If you do fancy reading it, and have any questions or thoughts about it – I am, as Nesforz would put it, “All ears.” 🙂

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