Some Non-Dual Dogma

Some Non-Dual Dogma

It is quite surprising to see and hear a dogmatic approach within the, albeit broad, non-duality field.  Some of these pointers like “There is no self”, “Life is just happening”, “Awareness is aware of itself”, “You are Awareness”, “Is that Puff the Magic Dragon?” are often taken on as beliefs, apart from the last one to which the answer is: “Yes.  I am she.”

When seeing becomes believing, the door that was opened closes again.  New furniture, same room.

When there’s a reply like, “Who is the you that thinks that?” – you see the obsession, and grasping to a world of no-you.  But we can set aside all such categories of self, choice, control, you and no-you; and continue to engage and participate in this most intriguing of puzzles: life.  Like stripping old wallpaper, sometimes perceptions come away in sheets, sometimes we work at it, to see it clearly.  Clarity is a boon and then a burden.  Set that aside too.  Freedom is felt.  Or suede if you prefer.

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