NLP is modelling – so model the persona.  Take your name, the sound (A/auditory) of it, the look (V/visual) of the word.  Notice the feelings (K/kinaesthetic) attached to this sight and sound.  Become familiar with this configuration, this trinity, of VAK(name).

Explore ownership.  Say your name out loud.  What makes this YOUR name?  Where does the ownership reside?  If this name is mine, what makes it MINE?  To WHOM does it belong?  What is the nature of this WHOM?  Just some questions to direct attention to points of interest.

Point to yourself and watch where you point.  What are you pointing to called “you”? What is there, that is stamped as “you”?  Is it a feeling?  A sensation?  What makes this sensation “you” when a sensation in the foot is a sensation in the foot?

Can you find a single VAK component, or combination of components that represent you?  If not, where are you?  Perhaps you are an emergence of patterned organic expressions that operates a pattern of calling “itself” “me”.

What if you have no name?  What if the designation “you” has no traction in life, no grip on anything.  What if encapsulating yourself in thought and taking that for real is a con?  What if you are indefinable, and thereby unfindable?

Sit with that.

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