Meet Fluidity, Freedom’s Engine

Meet Fluidity, Freedom’s Engine

FREEDOM IS A big word.  Its probably bigger than Texas, the state not the band.  So let’s scale it down a bit, and talk about fluidity, zooming in some more, fluidity of perception.

For the purposes of this article, ‘perception’ is how you see what’s happening.  If its raining and you think, “Fuck – how depressing” or “Yes, let’s go get wet” – these could be two perceptions, ways of looking at what’s happening.  Until we get the hang of perception, there is no appreciation of its nature.  For years we may be convinced that “this is how it is” and argue with those who “see it differently”.  Such is the perception that perceived content is true.

Think of perception as a kind of digital gauze on which views are projected, and through which the world/self is perceived.  In this metaphor, there is a medium (digital gauze) on which content is presented (as it were).  In grasping this sense of a medium we can start to feel differently about that which is presented upon it.

We might, for example, simply blank out the medium.  Leading to a state of not-knowing.

As ever, the most rewarding place to practise the art of fluidity is everyday life which provides endless opportunities to learn.  A real beauty which will accelerate your skill no-end is INCONVENIENCE.

  • When something hasn’t been done, and you resent having to do it.
  • When something in the house requires you to adapt to it, which is annoying.
  • When you are asked to do something you don’t want to do.
  • In fact anything that is not as you’d like!

These are all places to see the projection clearly for what it is.  Blank out the gauze.  Restore the original view – and not that the restoring changes its “truth” quality compared to when it “just appeared”.  See the task as pleasant, enjoyable.  Play with perception and discover the digital gauze.



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