The Shadow of Believing

The Shadow of Believing

WHAT IS IT TO BELIEVE?  Often, you read that identity is a belief.  Or that it is JUST a belief, ONLY a belief, or MERE belief.  As if, in believing, we were adopting as truth something which isn’t.

Here is an alternative view of believing: which is that we believe BECAUSE we know its untrue.  Otherwise, why believe?   We would simply accept.  Believing is the imposition of an idea, the bringing of an idea into the mix, adding an ingredient to experience.  Why?  because the alternative is unknown.  Preferring the devil we know, we put him up in reasonable accommodation.

Believing has a productive side – the ‘Approach’.  The approach to any particular life situation will shape how its seen and acted upon.  Take any situation and you will be adopting a default approach, basically a coherent systemic of beliefs, laying out what’s happening, what’s possible, what isn’t, what’s likely etc, etc.  Again, this is an imposition by default.

The most useful approach is to presume believing, to smoke ’em out, and hang them on a line.  As you shift them from being an active lens to a possible lens, space and possibility become available.


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