Scraping Sound – Unravelling Perception

Scraping Sound – Unravelling Perception

Recently I was ask to share something ‘in layman’s language’ 🙂 about the technique of Scraping Sound.  This technique was outlined in The Faun’s Apprentice by Nesforz – albeit in, ahem, fictional format.

Its an approach to de-labelling – at least that’s one way to describe it.

When you look at some everyday object – cup, tree, pen, cat – there’s a lot that comes with it we don’t notice.  So, along with the visual perception of the object, we have the learned name for that object e.g. ‘CUP’, which as a word image, acts as a symbolic object of the object itself (as it appears).  We also have the sound of that name when spoken, or thought.  So, SYMBOL and SOUND.

Our naive sense is that the everyday object is the OBJECT, and the associated word is just what it is, its meaning.  Scraping Sound looks to make a clear distinction between the visual perception as OBJECT, the word as symbolic OBJECT, and the spoken sound of the word as sound OBJECT.  So, three objects seemingly merged together.

First thing then is to sit looking at an everyday object e.g. a cup.

It’s a cup.  What else could it be?  There’s a sense of assumption, a knowing of what it is, a cup; and its use, function, qualities etc.  This whole bubble of stuff comes with the name, ‘cup’.

So, we look at this object.  And then we see the word ‘CUP’ distinctly ‘in our heads’.  We can treat ‘CUP’ as a distinct object.  We consider these two objects, clear and distinct.  In so doing, we are starting to strip ‘CUP’ away from the visual object before us.  If you look at the object, and it still feels like a cup, then it remains tied.  Now, you can imagine having a powerful catapult in which you load up the object ‘CUP’ and fire it so far into the ‘distance’ that its gone. 🙂

You look back at the object before you.  If it has take on a slight haze of mystery, then it is no longer a cup.

If its cuppiness remains, throw ‘CUP’ away again.

Do the same with the sound of the word, ‘CUP’ as you did with the symbolic image of the word.  Cast it far, so that in coming back to the object, there is less and less known about it.  You’re less sure about its essence.  It may have lost its everyday ‘permanence’.  Maybe shimmers with a will o’the wisp existence.

That would be a beginning of Scraping Sound.  Hope its useful. 🙂


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