Precision – II

Precision – II

In response to a question from LoreP:

Nice article John!
I have a question.
When you say “attending with precision” what do you mean exactly?
Being present and participate in every gesture?
Witness the seemingly automatic precision of the gesture?
Something else?
There are many layers to this that reveal as you go along. One thing you notice is how much you hadn’t noticed. How we effectively slide by life, and operate on automatic.
So, in picking up a teaspoon. What could be more trivial? Already the frame is set. This is boring, no need to pay attention. Its a teaspoon. Not a threat or surprise. Ordinary as hell. Done it a million times. You already know what to do. Click, whirr. And you do, and its another blank episode.
But what are really looking at?
Have we seen this teaspoon before?
In that position?
Ever looked at the reflection on the steel? Why bother?
When does reaching out start?
Impulse? Intent? Something else?
Feel and watch the movement of the arm and hand.
Do the fingers move too as the arm moves?
How will the hand know when to stop?
Watch it come to its place with precision.
Watch the gripping of the teaspoon.
Not just any kind of grip.
Which fingers are involved and how?
What’s the first touch like?
Notice the weight?
Notice any ideas of ‘teaspoon’.
You think you know what this is?
So, its fun to play with this in ordinary ways and activities. Especially activities that you wouldn’t give a second thought to. You imbue value where there was none. Ordinary moments become valued explorations.
You become aware of other parts of life where you slide by on assumption and habit.
You notice how you value this and not that. You see how preferences shape actions that become habits.
A moment of being becomes richer with participation. There is more correspondence within to without.

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