Grandfather, granddaughter

Grandfather, granddaughter

I was in the local library this week. An old chap was in there with his granddaughter of 6 or 7 years old. He was looking at books from the New In section and she, well, she wanted to help.

She picked up a book without looking at the title, held it to her grandfather and said, ‘How about this one?’ He turned it over to see the cover and said, ‘Oh yes, your mother will like this one,’ which put a big smile on her face. She reached for another in the same fashion, and held it out, ‘And how about this one?’ ‘Very interesting,’ he said, ‘but I’m just looking at these other books for now.’ Not to be brushed off, she immediately picked up a third, held it out and said, ‘Am I on the right road?’

What a lovely question, I thought. How many times throughout my life have I wondered the same, ‘Am I on the right road?’


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