That’s Wyrd.

That’s Wyrd.

Ok, let’s shift tack and open up a different space with Wyrd, an Anglo-Saxon notion of destiny, perhaps with deeper connotations of strangeness and the mysterious qualities at work.

The sensing of Wyrd is also a peculiar affair, and like many aspects of ‘spiritual work’, it is not a case of ‘The 7 Steps to Wyrd’, but more about creating the conditions within which sensing Wyrd comes about, such that one day, you’re not in Kansas anymore (other towns are available), you’re in Wyrd.

We might, for example, consider the unseen influences at work on and through us, at least those that scientists know about. Take gravity, for instance, how conscious are you of gravity’s influence every second of your life? Not much probably. Why bother? I mean, would it help? 🙂

And there are many influences permeating our existence in this unseen, unnoticed fashion.

So, entertain the possibility, that there’s also a wyrd influence at work, acting as an unseen medium through which you live. Wyrd is bound up with your life, intimate with every nook and cranny, every action taken, every circumstance, no matter how seemingly ‘trivial’, is an expression of this.

Play with the possibility of another game in play, a wyrd game – no need to believe or not believe.


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