What’s your game then?

What’s your game then?

At Christmas, as a lad – if I was lucky – I’d get a compendium of games as a pressie. It would contain such wonders as draughts, dominoes, Ludo and Snakes & Ladders, I just loved it. All in one box too! Endless fun. My main game, in more ways than one, opponent was my older brother, and now and again he’d let me win; a spot of encouragement, you know.

Should the day be especially rainy we’d play game after game like some rolling living room Olympics, each game requiring a different approach, skill set, mindset and strategy. No point playing draughts in a Ludo hat.

Now, this brings me to a root question on the seeker’s journey, namely, What game am I playing? To be swiftly followed by its partner-in-crime, And why?

Every game has its end game, namely, the objective and the criteria for meeting that objective. In Snakes & Ladders, for example, you had to get to the top before the other player. The criteria for that was to have your little plastic counter land on the final square precisely, by throwing exactly the number of steps required, no more, no less. This ruse, a kind of built-in guardian at the gate, would often get in the way of reaching the last square, and see you sliding all the way back to the beginning, for as you got closer, the snakes got bigger and longer.

So, when it comes to seeking, and reflecting on what game you’re playing, you might consider the objective you have set, which sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we fool ourselves with a facade objective which isn’t really the one behind the scenes pulling our strings.

For example, maybe you seek enlightenment? Maybe you seek awakening? Maybe you seek peace? Wholeness? Ease? And in each case, you may look under the cover to dis-cover what you mean by those words, to see if you have any sense of the end game criteria you might be using (such as the last square on the board), or whether you recognise that actually, you don’t really know what it will be like, and are largely going off reports from others, teachers, books and so on.

This is worth knowing, that we have set off on a journey, and although we may know the name of the end game, but have no clue what it might look and feel like. Nothing wrong with that, by the way. How could we possibly know beforehand?

But still, it’s helpful to know we don’t know, because we may be pretending that we do know, and that isn’t so helpful.

Ok, enough for now. 🙂 More later.


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