Introducing the wee selfie

Introducing the wee selfie

Let’s say, that we come to a place where our seeker’s game is to unpick a selfie (a selfie, as you may know, is not the modern term for mobile aggrandisement, oh no, a selfie is a wee creature that lives in yer heed, and makes oot that it’s you, absolute masters at it, these wee selfies).

Anyhow, if you’ve ever picked a winkle, you know that first find your winkle, and then, you need a pin. You flip off the winkle’s protective cover, and spear the winkle with the pin. (Vegan winkles are also available from any coastal Greggs).

Anyhow part II, the wee selfie is a bit like a winkle, in that it hides away in the cranium shell, and hopes to fuck you don’t get that it’s been fooling you all these years, giving you the impression that all that chit-chat in the head is yer wee selfie, and when you look out at the world, that’s the wee selfie too, playing lighthouse keeper, and when someone has a go at you, it’s the wee selfie that feels offended, and how very dare they.

Of course, we don’t have to do much at all to be free of the wee selfie, just to see it, to stalk its attempts at playing you, and to see this so clearly that you piss yourself at the fact that you’ve been taken for a ride for decades. That’s a long old ride.

Anyhow part III, having said all that, we’re not born wee-selfie-stalkers, but all we need to do is just start, observe, watch wee selfie like a hawk. You already know its act, so just watch it. No need to think, or speculate, or any of that. Observe, and develop your skills of observation.

A quick stalking tip: wee selfie is most exposed in the brightest light. When you get criticised, or made fun of, or you’re angry about something, that’s wee selfie’s cue to do a dance – as you.

More to come.


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